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Here I am. Sitting at my desk. Actually it’s an old wooden table that we bought at an auction hoselfportrait-3-400pxuse here in Sydney about six years ago. But actually I’m just procrastinating and talking about the table because I don’t know what you really want to know about me.

But I’ll give it a shot.
I’ve had many jobs. Paper boy, fruit shop guy, underwater ceramic technician (dishwasher), dive boat hand, bartender, journalist. When I lived in London I had a random job driving vans to big football matches and strapping those annoying advertising boards around the grounds. It was cool because I used to sit right on the sideline and watch some of the big games.
Anyway, I’ll never do any of those jobs again because once I started taking photos, I soon realised that I never wanted to do anything else. I studied the craft and never looked back.
I love taking photos and pouring all my creative energy in to creating something special for all my clients, regardless of the job.  And weddings even more so. During weddings you are seeing so much emotion and it’s such a rare occasion where all your family and friends are in one place just wishing you to be happy. It’s a big moment in your life, and something that you’ll want to revisit regularly over the years.
So I want you to look back and see things as they were on the day, and some of the other things that you never had time to see. Like your best friend laughing during a speech. Like your grandmother waving both hands in the air on the dance floor. Or like your little nephew asleep in his new blue suit. I just want you to look back at that one day and think ‘it was such a great day’. My photos will only be a part of that memory of course, but hopefully, a visual representation that you can willingly show to your kids.
I never underestimate the importance of a wedding, and I love them. Getting a smile from a client after I deliver them their photos is such a great feeling.
So have a look around my site and get in touch. I’d love to chat with you some more.
Paul | 0405 792 958